Membership Information and Contact Details

Our Committee

Group Leader & Web Author

Graham Mee
Tel: (01702) 525152

Acting Treasurer

Jan Bradley

Acting Group Membership Secretary

Kris Mee
Tel: (01702) 525152

Indoor Meeting Secretary

Jenny Reeder
Tel: (01702) 611536

Coach Outings

Cath Williams

Field Meeting Organiser

Steve Sanford
Tel: (01702) 258957

Independent Lady Birders Group (ILB's)

Self-help and support group for single ladies with an interest in wildlife.
Kris Mee
Tel: (01702) 525152

Please note that the Local RSPB Group is a conservation organisation and, as such, we do not deal with animal welfare. If you find an abandoned, sick or injured bird or baby animal you can call the South Essex Wildlife Hospital on 01375 893893 for advice on what to do - visit their website at: You can also call the Southend RSPCA office on (01702) 290889.


Joining the South East Essex RSPB Local Group

The South East Essex RSPB Local Group is a semi-autonomous group of members of the RSPB whose purpose is to support the RSPB in carrying Out the Society’s objectives in the Southend-on-Sea area. Those objectives are:

  • Promoting the conservation of wild birds and their habitats.
  • Informing and involving the RSPB's members in conservation issues.
  • Researching conservation issues and developing policies and practical actions to protect important wildlife habitats.
  • Working with central and local government to create and implement solutions to conservation problems.
  • Working with industry, landowners, the public and other conservation bodies to provide a better future for wildlife and the environment.
  • Acquiring and managing land as nature reserves for key birds of conservation concern.
  • Placing strong emphasis on youth and education.
  • Assisting the Police on wildlife law enforcement.
  • Working with Birdlife partners to conserve migrating bird species throughout the world.

The group recruits new members to the RSPB and raises funds to contribute directly to projects undertaken by the RSPB selected by the Groups Committee on behalf of its members.

The Group also provides activities for its members to give better access to our birdlife such as organising local field trips, day long coach trips to more distant nature reserves and to well known wildlife locations and by arranging weekend holidays in the UK and Europe.

Please see our calendar of events page for details of our indoor evening meetings, we will be very happy for you to join us at these meetings

Members who belong to the RSPB have free access to over 100 RSPB nature reserves. Members also receive four times a year the RSPB award winning full colour magazine BIRDS.

South East Essex RSPB Membership Rates:

£3.00 Single

£4.50 Family.

Admission charges for indoor meetings South East Essex RSPB Members £3.00, Guests £4.00.

Volunteering for the South East Essex RSPB Local Group

The Southend Group holds a varied programme of events for its members including indoor meetings every month (based on guest speakers presenting talks based on slide shows etc.), coach outings, local walks and other events.

Our group has also been active at local shows and has held coffee mornings and jumble sales to promote the RSPB and to raise funds and we would also like to find new opportunities to raise public awareness about conservation and the RSPB, and to recruit new members.

Amongst its members, the South East Essex RSPB Local Group is constantly looking for individuals to support its work.

At any one time there are usually vacancies on the Group's committee and for volunteers who can carry out specific roles. An individual's commitment can be as extensive as they feel comfortable with, helping with a single event or taking a significant role on the committee.

People with specialist skills and some free time are particularly welcome to discuss how they can help the Group, in whatever capacity.

Joining the RSPB   

If you would like further information about membership of the national RSPB please contact them at the address below or, alternatively, click here for the main RSPB website.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
The Lodge
SG19 2LD
Telephone 01767 680 551

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds registered charity number 207076

Come and help us . . . Volunteer for the RSPB    

If you care about the environment, you may have thought about volunteering to help the RSPB. Here we answer some of the questions you may have about how you can help.

Have I got what it takes to become a volunteer for the RSPB?

The RSPB is Europe's largest wildlife conservation charity with over 1,500,000 members. We already have over 17,200 committed volunteers who:

  • play a vital role in protecting ospreys and red kites in the UK
  • help to manage over 160 RSPB nature reserves for wildlife
  • help tens of thousands of people enjoy our wildlife at first hand
  • carry out important scientific research
  • run a network of RSPB local groups for adults and young people across the UK.

Whatever your background, the RSPB would like to hear from you. You can contribute as much or as little time as you wish.

You will be able to support the RSPB even if you do not know much about birds and the environment - many people help out at special fundraising events, carry out administrative work or collect donations from the public.

Are there any benefits for me?

The RSPB needs its volunteers to play an effective part in its organisation, but you will not be thrown in at the deep end. When you become a volunteer you will have a full introduction to the RSPB, its work and your role along with specialist training for the work you are going to do. As a volunteer for the RSPB you could gain important transferable skills in conservation, team raising, campaigning, finance, teambuilding or management, all of which could benefit you in your working life.

Our volunteers also gain from the social life associated with their work for the RSPB - what better way to meet like-minded people with a variety of skills and ideas to contribute?

How can I help?

There are many ways of volunteering for the RSPB. There could be something that you could do that will make a real difference for wildlife.

Volunteering on nature reserves

There are opportunities for residential and non-residential work on our nature reserves. It's not all practical conservation work - volunteers also work in our visitor's centres and help with education and carry out research and monitoring work on the wide variety of wildlife on RSPB nature reserves.

Join your local group

There are over 160 RSPB local groups throughout the UK, from Belfast to Orkney and Cardiff to Southend. Local groups are an ideal way to get the most from your RSPB membership, and find out more about the RSPB and its UK and international conservation work. They also provide for RSPB members - whether novice or expert - who want to know more about birds. An RSPB local group is very much a two-way thing: it can help you, but you can help in lots of ways:

  • experience
  • business-sense
  • bird knowledge
  • making the tea
  • booking speakers
  • dreaming up new ways to promote and support the work of the RSPB locally and involve the group in the community.

In short, groups need your enthusiasm, expertise, ideas and time. They will be happy to welcome you to their meetings.

Fund raising

The RSPB is a charity. Without membership subscriptions and donations, we couldn't do our vital work of protecting wildlife and special habitats. Our fund-raising takes many forms, and everyone can get involved. It doesn't have to be a chore. 

Work with young people

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